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For images of a packing plant in Changuinola, Panama
Bags coated with Chlorpyrifos cause ill health in workers - read about a study done in Honduras by SALTRA - Dr Catrina Wesseling (IRET/SALTRA)
Concheros at work. A bunch of bananas can way from between 70 and 125lbs. Video of process of plant to box available
Crop spray to control the banana disease, Black Sigatoka, is commonplace in Latin America. Products like Calixin, Tilt, Benlate, Bravo are sprayed regularly and cause ill health in workers and families living in near by communites. The images above are from video footage from Costa Rica. I visted the airport in Bataan which is notorios for chemical spills into the surrounding water system which have caused numerous fish kills. The other two images were filmed by my partner, Paul Barham, who was standing on the road - the image on the righ shows clearly that non planation areas are also sprayed on. Read more
Pineapple production has espanded rapidly in the Atlantic Zone of Costa Rica over the last 5 years. Large scale planations are environmentally and socially disastrous. Above swe see evidence of soil erosion and pesticide residues For more info on pineapples
Pineapples are sprayed with a chemical so that they rot and can be replanted as soon as possible after harvesting. Flies that hatch from the rotton plants are casing huge rrobelms fro small cattle farmers, like Guido Porras, above. The bloodsucking flies don't allow the cattle to graze in peace and cows can loose up to 2 kilos per day. Home fly traps are ineffective at combating the problem.
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