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LAMENTO BANANERO - a song by Fernando Mora


Nemagon, (DBCP), kills a microscopic worm which affects the production and damages the appearance of the bananas. Although banned in the U.S. since 1979, Nemagon was exported throughout the 60s, 70's and 80s to other Central American countries by Dow Chemical and Shell Chemical, two of the major producers of Nemagon.

As a result of its widespread application on banana planations thousands of Central American workers have been affetced by Nemagon- which caused diseases and disabilities including sterility.

Amongst the companies who sprayed their crops with Nemagon are Standard Fruit (owned by Dole), Del Monte, and United Fruit (now Chiquita).

Fernando Espinoza Mora, pictured below, was one of the thousands who was affected. He didn't even apply Nemagon - he just happened to be on a planation where other workers were applying the chemical.

When I was last in Costa Rica, filming. I mentioned to Fernando that I needed some music for the film and so he went off and compsed the following song. For english lyrics scroll down.

I very much appreciate Fernando's song as I know how much personal effort went into it I am very proud to have worked with him and that the film project was something that encouraged him to write it. (English Translation)

Listen to Lamento Bananero


Lamento Bananero

Esta triste historia

Que en la plantación

De banano nació

Con dolor en mi corazón

Se les voy a relatar.


Me da mucha pena

Tener que recordar

Lo que a mi me pasó

Y a otros bananeros más

Que esta fatal historia

En su memoria llevarán.


En los años del 70

Al Valle del Estrella

Con mi compañera llegue

Con la ilusión de trabajar

Y ganar mucho dinero

Con la fé que en el futuro

A nuestros hijos

Nada les iba faltar

Dinero mucho gané

Pero un hijo jamás

A mi lado pude tener.


Ahora estoy viejo y triste

En silencio sufro mi dolor

Porque hasta a mi mujer

me abandonó

Sólo por causa

Del maldito Nemagón

(Se repite)

Que para siempre

Estéril me dejó.

Lyrics by Fernando Espinoza Mora ©

Cacomistle Productions


© Jan Nimmo 2004e