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Maria Ines Correa Hernández


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Doña María Inés Corea Hernández was the first person I interviewed in Costa Rica in 2001.

Jan Nimmo


Doña María runs the canteen on the Finca 96 banana plantation in Sixaola, in southern Costa Rica near the Panamanian border. She is portrayed here with her grand-daughter Rachel Jasmín.

Doña María's son, Felipe Fletes Corea, was killed by the police whilst asleep in the early hours. He had been participating in a strike which involved blocking the road that runs between Limón and Sixaola. He was shot once in the face and twice in the feet. He was twenty two years of age. According to Doña María the police had arrived in an ambulance and caught the strikers by surprise. The policeman who killed her son has never been brought to justice.

Felipe is survived by his daughter Rachel Jasmín who was two years old when I met her and by Doña María.


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Maria Ines Correa y Jasmin: woodcut by Jan Nimmo